Feb. 1st, 2015

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I haven't logged on here in a very long time. My life has settled down in some spots and been uprooted in others, but such is living. I am still in Florida, however my son moved back home in August which has caused us to have to change our family dynamics. I think we are past the initial growing pains (at least I hope so!) and we are settling in rather nicely.

My husband, Tom, had his first marriage annulled and joined the Catholic Church last Easter. We had our marriage convalidated on October 28, 2014. We were shooting for Halloween but I guess God had other plans! Now we have two anniversaries to contend with!

I began discerning with the Secular Franciscans but have stepped back for a while. Life issues with my son and other situations made it difficult to put as much attention into it as it deserved. I have also found that since I am now fully Catholic again there are many charisms out there to explore. Our Pastor is Augustinian and I am very drawn to the writings of St. Augustine. I am also very drawn to the Jesuits. As much as I love St. Francis I think I need to explore my other inclinations before I settle on anything definite.

I'm still a CPA and this tax season looks to give me plenty of opportunity to practice patience and using work as a form of worship :D

We still have 5 dogs - Nellie - 12 year old basset hound, Tabitha - 7 year old corgi, Maggie - 6 year old boston terrier, Lily - 5 year old corgi and Roxie - 3 year old boston terrier.

We also have 4 fish tanks in our living room. It looks like a pet store in here! We started out with two. One was Tom's (200 gallon) and one was mine (40 gallon). I had a betta fish in mine and we decided to get another betta for Tom's tank. Then we got a small tank for Tom's mother but she liked her original one better so we had another betta tank (10 gallon). We eventually decided the 200 gallon took up too much space after Tom found a 55 gallon tank that a neighbor put to the curb. We ended up not using that tank but Tom traded the 200 gallon for a 55 gallon and a double stand so we went and bought a second 55 gallon to fill the space. So our current set up is two 40's side by side on one wall and the two 55's stacked on the double stand. I'm so glad Tom knows what he is doing with them. One of these days I need to take the time to learn.

I'm going to leave you with a picture from our convalidation ceremony. Hopefully I will be less scarce for this new year.

Tom, Father Dennis and me
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I am going to try posting my 2 wedding videos. Both are short. The first was in front of a Justice of the Peace back in 1992. (I punched at Tom because he was making his eyes jiggle at me!) and the second was our convalidation last October.




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